Radio XIV, side A, track 9: “Got A New Love” by Good Question”

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

Good Question Got A New LoveOh, Good Question, isn’t that the best feeling?  You get your heart stepped on, and you go through some crummy times, and then you meet someone new who makes you feel fantastic again, and then that heart-stomper shows back up and you’re all like “Whatevaaaa!”  That’s what this song is all about, and I appreciate that it revels in that whole sore winner aspect of dating.  Of course, that only really works in high school, maybe some college, but by the time you get to your late twenties and early thirties and beyond, if one runs into that situations, it’s usually not cause for bitter jubilation (or in the case of this song, just jubilation).  No, Good Question, it’s usually just either really awkward or bittersweet or sad or if you’re not in a good place in your current relationship then it becomes what the kids call “It’s complicated”…

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